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Keep on trainingEven if you can't practice your sport in normal conditions due to exceptional conditions.
Client JIMS
SectorEntertainment & Leisure


Fitness chain JIMS wanted to attract new customers in very uncertain times. The promo they were offering was really great - 8 weeks of VIP fitness for just 1 euro! - but there was one big problem: the Covid-19 virus...


The Covid-19 virus had a great impact on every sportsman. Swimming pools were closed down, contact sports forbidden, team sports strictly regulated… So how do you stay fit?!


In our print campaign, we are showing different sportsmen, taken out of their regular habitat: a swimmer with kettlebells, a basketball player with a heavy medicine ball… Because at JIMS, any sporter can stay in shape in all safety.


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Yana Huygens - Account Director
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Thomas Danthine - Managing Partner
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Denis Dubrulle - Managing Partner
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