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Don’t know what being a VIP feels like?Neither do we, but we imagined it’s something like this…
Client JIMS
SectorEntertainment & Leisure


For the sixth year in a row, JIMS called us to create an acquisition campaign during one of their most important periods (September-October). This time, they asked us to put the emphasis on their new VIP pack, with two VIP advantages in particular: Buddy Access and Free Bodyscan.


When people think about a VIP, they usually imagine someone who’s arrogant and snobby. So we thought it was our duty to show that there’s also another type of VIP: a funny, outgoing person who just likes to enjoy the little extras life has to offer. In short: a JIMS VIP!


Ofcourse, it wouldn’t be a real JIMS campaign if we didn’t cast real JIMS members for the shooting. The protagonist? A VIP member with the looks and attitude of a real celebrity. She shows us the various advantages of the VIP pack, with the typical tongue-in-cheek humour you’d expect in a JIMS campaign.


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