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The bank for a new generationDo you have the guts to defy your family’s traditions?
Client Keytrade Bank
SectorFinancial services
ServicesProduct PositioningConcept


Create a television spot for Keytrade Bank that really highlights its positioning as a challenger. Our main goal was to show people that Keytrade Bank is not a bank like the others.


Ask a random person why they're client at their current bank. The answer will probably be: "I don't know, I guess because my parents are also client at this bank." Isn't that curious? Time to choose the most advantageous bank instead!


We created a funny, tongue-in-cheek television spot that really accentuates the difference between old, traditional banks and Keytrade Bank, a bank that defies these traditions. What would happen if a young man tells his father, and his father, and his father... that he's leaving the family's bank?

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