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logo whiteBodyPump LiveChoosing the best group class in the world could go horribly wrong…
Client JIMS
SectorEntertainment & Leisure


In September, JIMS introduced live group classes of LesMills BodyPump. Our goal was to create awareness for these popular group classes, while putting the emphasis on one of JIMS’ USP’s: all group classes are LIVE.


Nowadays, people are trying the weirdest things to get their body in shape. While their methods are becoming more and more unconventional, they can also become dangerous. No need to embarrass yourself or put your life at risk: the most effective group class to get a fit body is BodyPump!

Your body is your best outfitCan you picture yourself at the office wearing nothing but bodypaint? View case
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Design your bødyMost people like design furniture. But everyone loves well-designed bodies. Especially when they come from JIMS.View case
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200pxReal Action HeroesIntroducing Factor F : the ultimate training for people who love action. Real action. View case
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logo whiteNothing beats a real coachEven the cutest activity tracker is no match for a real fitness coach at JIMS.View case
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