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Your body is your best outfitCan you picture yourself at the office wearing nothing but bodypaint?
Client JIMS
SectorEntertainment & Leisure


Build awareness around the JIMS brand and attract new customers with highly targeted local communication.


You can wear anything you want to look good. But the truth is, it starts with the shape of your body. To prove our point, we painted the naked bodies of real JIMS members into casual outfits.


The strong statement "Your body is your best outfit" was showed in a viral video and communicated across the 18 JIMS clubs in Belgium & Luxembourg through posters, POS, emails and so on. Locally, bodypainted members even distributed flyers out on the streets.


New business NL

Yana Huygens - Account Director
+32 (0)475 33 28 07

New business FR

Thomas Danthine - Managing Partner
+32 (0)477 39 20 45

Internships / Jobs

Denis Dubrulle - Managing Partner
+32 (0)486 141 191