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The unbeatable tasteWe've put the unbeatable taste of Natura sauces in an irresistible new packaging.
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Natura sauces are always made with the highest quality ingredients and are 100% natural (no preservatives, additives or coloring). The manufacturing process with drums is unique on the market and produces a natural taste. Our goal was to translate these properties into a brand positioning and a packaging design that would reflect these values.


The new baseline "Natura. The unbeatable taste." refers to the great, natural taste of the sauces. Actually, only homemade mayonaise made by a great cook might beat the taste of Natura. For the packaging, we used the whisk beaters as graphic component for the packaging. Our inspiration came from the huge mixers that are still whisking the eggs in the most traditional way. 

In order to separate the dressings from the sauces, a salad spoon and fork set were used as graphic elements.

And for the new ketchup collection we chose to design the main ingredient of each taste.

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