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You are the cityNew name, new logo, new baseline, new campaign,… everything's new for the Flemish-Brussels Media except maybe Brussels itself.
Client Bruzz
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At first we had to create a logo and brand guidelines for BRUZZ, the new name for the Flemish-Brussels Media (tv, radio, print, web). Then we were asked to create a launch campaign to communicate the new brand name in and around Brussels.


A strong identity

BRUZZ needed a powerful yet flexible identity for their many channels. The logo is versatile and can be used as a “window on Brussels”.

A new baseline

The baseline “You Are The City” positions BRUZZ as a local media that puts the people of Brussels at the heart of the brand.

A lively launch campaign

To make the brand alive we presented inhabitants of Brussels reacting to real news facts of the city. Sign-off “Live Brussels to the fullest”. The campaign ran on (digital) posters, press, video, a launch event and participative activities in the street.

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